Monday, October 20, 2008 service

Today I just wanted to post a review of SellVOIP's service. I have to preface the rest of the post by saying "read through the whole post."

Out of the many SIP trunking services I looked at, sellVOIP one was by far the best in terms of features and pricing. They had DID(Direct Inward Dial) numbers in all 50 states and has unlimited minute incoming channels for about $5 a month. Their channels would roll over into a per-minute charge if you went past your subscribed amount. They had an easy to use CDR that I could copy into a spreadsheet to plan for expansions. There was failover routing that could go to voicemail or another PBX. Also the service could be bound to IP. I have to say that this provider made me fall in love with VOIP.

That was great -until- they stopped all support. I had pretty quick support from a person named Alex early on in the service. Timely and he resolved all the problems I had. But at the end, the channels started charging for all incoming calls. I tried to contact their support staff but they didn't respond. This is when I found out there was really no way to reach them but through email. I continued for about a month trying to email them about once a week, all the while searching for a new provider. The money ran out in the account and service stopped.

Their website is still up with links to google checkout to sign up for services. I want to warn anybody thinking of signing up for service, that they might not receive any and just be throwing away money.

I am now working with Thomas Hsieh of SplinterRock who was able to get me an account with Aretta Communications. I'll have to see how that goes. Thanks for the help Tom.

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