Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tried out Alfresco, Uninstalled

Well I tried out Alfresco Document Management and then uninstalled it.


For a few reasons actually. First of all, it didn't do too well running on as a Windows service. There are some instructions online but that is just a dead end as it is written for an older version of Alfresco, and it appears that I am not the only one having that problem. I tried just about everything to get it to run as a service, pre-setting all the environmental variables in the tomcat service, adding more memory to the heap, and copied all the settings from the older tutorial. All of that to no avail.

It also is not very well documented in how to run everything. It does look like a good starting point and is probably awesome after you get it set up by someone that knows what they are doing, but for simple uses, it just wasn't the product for me.

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