Thursday, May 28, 2009

Useful jQuery Plugins

These are a few useful jQuery plugins that I have found while working with a few websites. I think they are great and easy to use. I'm sure I'll have to add more down the line, but jQuery is a great javascript library in and of itself that lends well to writing simple custom scripts.

Pngfix: fixes problems with transparent png images in Internet Explorer 5 and 6
Corner: creates rounded corners (as well as other corner effects) with only javascript.
GATracker: allows you to load the google analytics tracker very simply at the beginning of the page. Also allows for tracking of internal links such as pdfs.
AddThis: adds social bookmarking links to your website.
BeautyTips: Nice looking and flexible tooltips

ed. 6/1/2009 - added AddThis
ed. 6/12/2009 - added BeautyTips

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