Thursday, July 9, 2009

The caveats of phone conversations

So I was having a chat with someone about PHP over the phone the other day and they ask me to explain the "Foreesh" pattern in PHP. To which I am saying to myself "Is there a 'foreesh' pattern, I've never heard of it." but respond with "I'm sorry, can you say that one more time?". The person I am talking to tries to spell it out "F-O-R-E-S-E-H" at which point I am more confused than ever.

This is one of the biggest problems with talking to people over the phone (especially with people that have a different accent than you), you are just very limited in ways of communication. When you are chatting with someone in person, there is body language, you can watch the way their mouth moves, hand gestures, and even writing or drawing things out on a piece of paper. I have heard that video chats work better but then you are stuck with slow imitation of the real thing.

BTW, I think the person I was talking with meant foreach.

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