Monday, November 29, 2010

SyntaxHighlighter brush for Foxpro

I've added SyntaxHighlighter version 3 to the blog to help highlight make the code more readable and make it easier when preparing updates. I saw that there wasn't any "brush" for Foxpro, so I decided to try my hand at building my own. You can see how it worked out in my post moving from foxpro to mysql.

There are a couple things I've noticed. First of all, my regular expression trying to capture inline comments isn't working. This is the line in question:

I believe the syntax is correct but I could be wrong. This expression works with a standard regex tester just not with the syntax highlighter. Any ideas?

I've also noticed that sometimes the quotes, single and double, don't come out correctly.

Below is my code. I've also hosted shBrushFirefox.js as GitHub.

// CommonJS
typeof(require) != 'undefined' ? SyntaxHighlighter = require('shCore').SyntaxHighlighter : null;

function Brush()

//Contributed by Brent Wong (bdewong)

var keywords = 'abs accelerate accept access aclass acopy acos activate activatecell activecolumn activecontrol activedoc activeform activeobjectid ' +
'activepage activeproject activerow adatabases adbobjects add addbs addcolumn additem additive addlinefeeds addlistitem addobject ' +
'addproperty addrelationtoenv addtableschema addtabletoenv addtoscc adel adir adjustobjectsize adlls admin adockstate adocodepage ' +
'aelement aerror aevents afields afont after afterband afterbuild afterclosetables aftercursorattach aftercursorclose aftercursordetach ' +
'aftercursorfill aftercursorrefresh aftercursorupdate afterdelete afterdock afterinsert afterrecordrefresh afterreport afterrowcolchange ' +
'afterupdate again agetclass agetfileversion aindent ains ainstance alanguage alen ' +
'alias align alignment alignright alines all allowaddnew allowautocolumnfit allowcellselection ' +
'allowdelete allowexternal allowheadersizing allowinsert allowmodalmessages allowoutput allowresize allowrowsizing allowsimultaneousfetch ' +
'allowtabs allowtabs+ allowupdate alltrim alt alter alternate alwaysonbottom alwaysontop ' +
'amembers amouseobj anchor and anetresources ansi ansitooem any aplabout ' +
'app append application applydiffgram aprinters aprocinfo array as asc ' +
'ascan ascending ascii aselobj asessions asin asort asqlhandles assert ' +
'asserts assist astackinfo asubscript asynchronous at at_c ataginfo atan ' +
'atc atcc atcline atgetcolors atline atlistcolors atn2 attach attributes ' +
'aused autoactivate autocenter autoclosetables autocomplete autocompsource autocomptable autofit autoform ' +
'autohidescrollbar autoinc autoincerror autoincrement automatic autoopen autoopentables autorelease autoreport ' +
'autosave autosize autoverbmenu autoyield availnum avcxclasses average avg backcolor ' +
'backstyle bar barcount barprompt baseclass batchmode batchupdatecount before beforeband ' +
'beforebuild beforecursorattach beforecursorclose beforecursordetach beforecursorfill beforecursorrefresh beforecursorupdate beforedelete beforedock ' +
'beforeinsert beforeopentables beforerecordrefresh beforereport beforerowcolchange beforeupdate begin bell bellsound ' +
'between bind bindcontrols bindevent bintoc bitand bitclear bitlshift bitmap ' +
'bitnot bitor bitrshift bitset bittest bitxor blank blink blob ' +
'blocksize bof border bordercolor borderstyle borderwidth bottom bound boundcolumn ' +
'boundto box breakonerror browse browsealignment browsecellmarg browsedestwidth browseime browseimecontrol ' +
'browserefresh brstatus bucket buffering buffermode buffermodeoverride buffers build builddatetime ' +
'builderlock buttoncount buttonindex buttons buttonsbof by calculate call canaccelerate cancel cancelreport ' +
'candidate cangetfocus canlosefocus capslock caption carry cascade case cast catalog catch ' +
'cd cdow cdx ceiling center centered central century cga change changestocursor ' +
'char character chdir check checkbox checkin checkout childalias childorder childtable chr ' +
'chrsaw chrtran chrtranc circle class classlib classlibrary clauses cleanup clear cleardata ' +
'clearresultset clearstatus click clipcontrols cliprect clock cloneobject closable close closeeditor closetables ' +
'cls clsid cmonth cmonth cnt cntbar cntpad codepage col collate collection ' +
'color colorscheme colorsource column columncount columnheaders columnlines columnorder columns columnwidths com ' +
'com1 com2 comarray combobox comclassinfo command commandbutton commandclauses commandgroup commandtargetexec commandtargetquery ' +
'comment compact comparememo compatible compile completed compobj compress comprop compute comreturnerror ' +
'concat confirm conflictcheckcmd conflictchecktype connectbusy connecthandle connection connections connectname connectstring connecttimeout ' +
'connstring console container containerrelease containerreleasetype continue continuousscroll control controlbox controlcount controlindex ' +
'controls controlsource conversionfunc copies copy cos cot count coverage cpcompile cpconvert ' +
'cpcurrent cpdbf cpdialog cpnotrans create createbinary createobject createobjectex createoffline crsbuffering crsfetchmemo ' +
'crsfetchsize crsmaxrows crsmethodused crsnumbatch crsshareconnection crsusememosize crswhereclause csv ctobin ctod ctot ' +
'curdate curdir currency currentcontrol currentdatasession currentpass currentx currenty currleft currsymbol cursor ' +
'cursoradapter cursorattach cursordetach cursorfill cursorgetprop cursorrefresh cursorschema cursorsetprop cursorsource cursorstatus cursortors ' +
'cursortoxml curtime curval curvature custom cycle data database databases dataenvironment dataobject ' +
'datasession datasessionid datasource datasourceobj datasourcetype datatoclip datatype date dateformat datemark datetime ' +
'day dayname dayofmonth dayofweek dayofyear db4 db_buflockrow db_buflocktable db_bufoff db_bufoptrow db_bufopttable ' +
'db_complette db_deleteinsert db_keyandmodified db_keyandtimestamp db_keyandupdatable db_localsql db_noprompt db_prompt db_remotesql db_transauto db_transmanual ' +
'db_transnone db_update dbalias dbc dbc_activate dbc_afteraddrelation dbc_afteraddtable dbc_afterappendproc dbc_afterclosetable dbc_aftercopyproc dbc_aftercreateconnection ' +
'dbc_aftercreateoffline dbc_aftercreatetable dbc_aftercreateview dbc_afterdbgetprop dbc_afterdbsetprop dbc_afterdeleteconnection dbc_afterdropoffline dbc_afterdroprelation dbc_afterdroptable dbc_afterdropview dbc_aftermodifyconnection ' +
'dbc_aftermodifyproc dbc_aftermodifytable dbc_aftermodifyview dbc_afteropentable dbc_afterremovetable dbc_afterrenameconnection dbc_afterrenametable dbc_afterrenameview dbc_aftervalidatedata dbc_beforeaddrelation dbc_beforeaddtable ' +
'dbc_beforeappendproc dbc_beforeclosetable dbc_beforecopyproc dbc_beforecreateconnection dbc_beforecreateoffline dbc_beforecreatetable dbc_beforecreateview dbc_beforedbgetprop dbc_beforedbsetprop dbc_beforedeleteconnection dbc_beforedropoffline ' +
'dbc_beforedroprelation dbc_beforedroptable dbc_beforedropview dbc_beforemodifyconnection dbc_beforemodifyproc dbc_beforemodifytable dbc_beforemodifyview dbc_beforeopentable dbc_beforeremovetable dbc_beforerenameconnection dbc_beforerenametable ' +
'dbc_beforerenameview dbc_beforevalidatedata dbc_closedata dbc_deactivate dbc_modifydata dbc_opendata dbc_packdata dbf dbfdblclick dbgetprop dblclick ' +
'dbmemo3 dbsetprop dbtrap dbused dde ddeaborttrans ddeadvise ddeenabled ddeexecute ddeinitiate ddelasterror ' +
'ddepoke dderequest ddesetoption ddesetservice ddesettopic ddeterminate deactivate debug debugger debugout decimals ' +
'declare declarexmlprefix declass declasslibrary default defaultext defaultfilepath defaultsource defaultvalue defbutton defbuttonorig ' +
'defheight define definewindows defleft defolelcid deftop defwidth degrees delaybind delayedmemofetch delete ' +
'deletecmd deletecmddatasource deletecmddatasourcetype deletecolumn deleted deletemark deletetables deletetrigger delimited delimiters desc ' +
'descending description design desktop destroy details development device dif difference dimension ' +
'dir directory disabled disabledbackcolor disabledbyeof disabledforecolor disableditembackcolor disableditemforecolor disabledpicture disableencode disconnected ' +
'diskspace display displaycount displayorientation displaypath displayvalue displayvaluedirty displogin disppageheight disppagewidth dispwarnings ' +
'distinct dll dlls dmy do doc dock dockable docked dockposition docmd ' +
'docreate documentfile dodefault doevents dohistory domessage dos doscroll dosmem dostatus double ' +
'doverb dow down downclick downpicture drag dragdrop dragicon dragmode dragover dragstate ' +
'draw drawmode drawstyle drawwidth driver drivetype drop dropdown dropoffline dtoc dtor ' +
'dtos dtot duplex dynamicalignment dynamicbackcolor dynamiccurrentcontrol dynamicfontbold dynamicfontitalic dynamicfontname dynamicfontoutline dynamicfontshadow ' +
'dynamicfontsize dynamicfontstrikethru dynamicfontunderline dynamicforecolor dynamicinputmask dynamiclineheight each echo edit editbox editflags ' +
'editoroptions editsource editwork ega25 ega43 eject elif else empty ems ems64 ' +
'enabled enabledbyreadlock enablehyperlinks encrypt encrypted encryption end endcase enddefine enddo endfor ' +
'endfunc endif endprintjob endproc endscan endtext endtry endwith enginebehavior enterfocus environment ' +
'envlevel eof erase erasepage error errormessage errorno escape eval evaluate evaluatecontents ' +
'eventhandler eventlist events eventtracking evl exact except exception exclude exclusive exe ' +
'execscript exists exit exitfocus exp export expression extended external f11f12 fchsize ' +
'fclose fcount fcreate fdate fdow feof ferror fetch fetchasneeded fetchmemo fetchmemo ' +
'fetchmemocmdlist fetchmemodatasource fetchmemodatasourcetype fetchsize fflush fgets field fields fieldsf file fileclass ' +
'fileclasslibrary filer files filetostr fill fillcolor fillstyle filter finally find firstelement ' +
'firstnestedtable fixed fklabel fkmax flags fldcount fldlist float flock floor flush ' +
'foldconst font fontbold fontcharset fontclass fontcondense fontextend fontitalic fontmetric fontname fontoutline ' +
'fontshadow fontsize fontstrikethru fontunderline footer fopen for force forceclosetag forceext forcefocus ' +
'forcepath forecolor foreign form format formatchange formattedoutput formcount formindex formpagecount formpageindex ' +
'forms formsclass formset formsetclass formsetlib formslib found fox2x foxcode foxdoc foxfont ' +
'foxgen foxgraph foxobject foxplus foxpro foxtask foxview fputs fractiondigits fread free ' +
'freeze french from frxdatasession fseek fsize ftime full fullname fullpath function ' +
'fv fw2 fweek fwrite gather gdiplusgraphics general german get get getautoincvalue ' +
'getbar getcolor getcp getcursoradapter getdata getdir getdockstate getenv getexpr getfile getfldstate ' +
'getfont getformat gethost getinterface getkey getlatestversion getnextmodified getobject getpad getpageheight getpagewidth ' +
'getpem getpict getprinter getresultset gets getwordcount getwordnum global go goback gofirst ' +
'goforward golast gomonth gotfocus goto graph grid gridhittest gridhorz gridlinecolor gridlines ' +
'gridlinewidth gridshow gridshowpos gridsnap gridvert group grow halfheight halfheightcaption handler hasclip ' +
'having header headerclass headerclasslibrary headergap headerheight heading headings height help helpcontextid ' +
'helpfilter helpon helpto hidden hide hideappobj hidedoc hideselection highlight highlightbackcolor highlightforecolor ' +
'highlightrow highlightrowlinewidth highlightstyle history hmemory home homedir hostname hotkey hour hours ' +
'hproj hscrollsmallchange hwnd hyperlink iblock icase icon id idhistory idletimeout idxcollate ' +
'if ifdef ifndef ignoreinsert iif image imemode imestatus import in include ' +
'includepageinoutput increment incrementalsearch indbc index indexes indexseek indextoitemid information init initialselectedalias ' +
'inkey inlist inner input inputbox inputmask inresize insert insertcmd insertcmddatasource insertcmddatasourcetype ' +
'insertcmdrefreshcmd insertcmdrefreshfieldlist insertcmdrefreshkeyfieldlist inserttrigger insmode instancing instruct int integer integralheight intensity ' +
'interactivechange intersect interval into is isalpha isattribute isbase64 isbinary isblank iscolor ' +
'isdiffgram isdigit isexclusive isflocked ishosted isleadbyte isloaded islower ismemofetched ismouse isnull ' +
'isometric ispen isreadonly isrlocked istransactable isupper isxmldomelement italian item itembackcolor itemdata ' +
'itemforecolor itemiddata itemidtoindex itemtips ixmldomelement japan join justdrive justext justfname justpath ' +
'justreadlocked juststem key keyboard keyboardhighvalue keyboardlowvalue keycolumns keycomp keyfield keyfieldlist keymatch ' +
'keypress keypreview keyset keysort label languageoptions last lastkey lastproject lcase ldcheck ' +
'ledit left leftc leftcolumn len lenc length level library like likec ' +
'line linecontents lineno lineslant linked linkmaster list listbox listcount listenertype listindex ' +
'listitem listitemid load loadpicture loadreport loadxml local locate locfile lock lockcolumns ' +
'lockcolumnsleft lockdatasource lockscreen log log10 logerrors logout long lookup loop lostfocus ' +
'lower lparameter lparameters lpartition ltrim ltrjustify lupdate mac macdesktop machelp mackey ' +
'macro macros macscreen mail mainfile maketransactable map19_4tocurrency mapbinary mapn19_4tocurrency mapvarchar margin ' +
'mark master max maxbutton maxheight maxleft maxlength maxmem maxrecords maxtop maxwidth ' +
'mblock mcol md mdi mdiform mdown mdx mdy memberclass memberclasslibrary memlimit ' +
'memlines memo memory memos memowidth memowindow memvar menu menus message messagebox ' +
'messages method middle middleclick min minbutton minheight minimize minus minute minwidth ' +
'mkdir mline mod modal modify module mono mono43 month monthname mouse ' +
'mousedown mouseenter mouseicon mouseleave mousemove mousepointer mouseup mousewheel movable move moved ' +
'moveitem moverbars movers mrkbar mrkpad mrow mtdll mton multilocks multiselect mvarsiz ' +
'mvcount mwindow name naptime native navigateto ndx near negotiate nest nestedinto ' +
'network newindex newitemid newobject next nextsiblingtable nextvalue noalias noappend noclear noclose ' +
'noconsole nocptrans nodata nodataonload nodebug nodefault nodefine nodelete nodialog nodup noedit ' +
'noeject noenvironment nofilter nofloat nofollow nogrow noinit nolgrid nolink nolock nolog ' +
'nomargin nomdi nomenu nominimize nomodify nomouse none nooptimize noorganize nooverwrite noprojecthook ' +
'noprompt noread norefresh norequery norgrid norm normal normalize nosave noshadow noshow ' +
'nospace not notab note notify notifycontainer noupdate novalidate noverify now nowait ' +
'nowindow nowrap nozoom npv ntom null nulldisplay nullstring number numberofelements numeric ' +
'numlock nvl object objects objnum objref objtoclient objvar occurs odbchdbc odbchstmt ' +
'odometer oemtoansi of off oldval olebasecontrol oleboundcontrol oleclass oleclassid oleclassidispout olecompletedrag ' +
'olecontrol olecontrolcontainer oledrag oledragdrop oledragmode oledragover oledragpicture oledropeffects oledrophasdata oledropmode oledroptextinsertion ' +
'olegivefeedback oleidispatchincoming oleidispatchoutgoing oleidispinvalue oleidispoutvalue olelcid oleobject oleobjects olepublic olerequestpendingtimeout olerequestpendingtimou ' +
'oleserverbusyraiseerro oleserverbusyraiseerror oleserverbusytimeout oleserverbusytimout olesetdata olestartdrag oletypeallowed on onetomany online only ' +
'onmoveitem onpreviewclose onresize open openeditor opentables openviews openwindow optimize optionbutton optiongroup ' +
'or oracle order orderdirection orientation os otherwise outer output outputpage outputpagecount ' +
'outputtype outshow overlay overwrite pack packetsize pad padc padl padl padprompt ' +
'padr page pagecount pageframe pageheight pageno pageorder pages pagetotal pagewidth paint ' +
'palette panel panellink paperlength papersize paperwidth parameters parent parentalias parentclass parenttable ' +
'partition password passwordchar path pattern pause payment pcol pcount pdox pdsetup ' +
'pemstatus pen percent pfs pi picture picturemargin pictureposition pictureselectiondisplay picturespacing pictureval ' +
'pivot pixels plain platform play point polypoints pop popup popups power ' +
'precision preference prepared preservewhitespace pretext preview previewcontainer primary primarykey print printer ' +
'printform printjob printjobname printquality printstatus private prmbar prmpad procedure procedures processid ' +
'production progcache progid program programmaticchange progwork project projectclick projecthook projecthookclass projecthooklibrary ' +
'prompt proper protected prow prtinfo pset public push putfile pv qpr ' +
'ppr quarter query queryaddfile querymodifyfile querynewfile queryremovefile queryrunfile querytimeout queryunload quietmode ' +
'quit radians raise raiseevent rand random range rangehigh rangelow rat ratc ' +
'ratline rd rdlevel read readactivate readbackcolor readborder readcolors readcycle readdeactivate readerror ' +
'readexpression readfiller readforecolor readkey readlock readmethod readmouse readobject readonly readsave readshow ' +
'readsize readtimeout readvalid readwhen recall reccount recentlyusedfiles recno recompile record recordmark ' +
'recordrefresh recordsource recordsourcetype recover recsize rect rectclass recycle redit reference references ' +
'refresh refreshalias refreshcmd refreshcmddatasource refreshcmddatasourcetype refreshignorefieldlist refreshtimestamp reindex relatedchild relatedtable relatedtag ' +
'relation relationalexpr relative relativecolumn relativerow release releaseerase releasetype releasewindows releasexml remote ' +
'remove removefromscc removeitem removelistitem removeobject removeproperty rename render repeat replace replicate ' +
'report reportbehavior reportlistener reprocess requery requestdata required reset resettodefault resheight resizable ' +
'resize resource resourceon resources resourceto respectcursorcp respectnesting rest restore restrict resume ' +
'reswidth retry return revertoffline rgb rgbscheme right rightc rightclick righttoleft rlock ' +
'rmdir rollback rollover rotateflip rotation round row rowcolchange rowheight rowset rowsource ' +
'rowsourcetype rpd rstocursor rtljustify rtod rtrim ruleexpression ruletext run runscript runtime ' +
'rview safety same sample save saveas saveasclass savepicture say scale scalemode ' +
'scaleunits scan scatter sccdestroy sccinit sccprovider sccstatus scheme scols scoreboard screen ' +
'screens scroll scrollbars scrolled scrollscrollbars sdf sdiform sec second seconds seek ' +
'select selectcmd selected selectedbackcolor selectedforecolor selectedid selecteditembackcolor selecteditemforecolor selection selectionnamespaces selectonentry ' +
'selfedit sellength selstart seltext sendgdiplusimage sendupdates separator serverclass serverclasslibrary serverhelpfile servername ' +
'serverproject set setall setdata setdefault setfldstate setfocus setformat setmain setresultset setup ' +
'setvar setviewport shadows shape shareconnection shared sheet shell shift shortcut show ' +
'showdoc showintaskbar showolecontrols showoleinsertable showtips showvcxs showwhatsthis showwindow shutdown sign sin ' +
'single sizable size sizebox skip skipform skpbar skpbar skppad som some ' +
'sort sorted sortwork soundex sourcename sourcetype space sparse specialeffect spinner spinnerhighvalue ' +
'spinnerlowvalue splitbar sql sqlasynchronous sqlbatchmode sqlcancel sqlcolumns sqlcommit sqlconnect sqlconnecttimeout sqldisconnect ' +
'sqldisplogin sqldispwarnings sqlexec sqlgetprop sqlidledisconnect sqlidletimeout sqll sqlmoreresults sqlprepare sqlquerytimeout sqlrollback ' +
'sqlsetprop sqlstringconnect sqltables sqltransactions sqlwaittime sqrt srows stacklevel standalone startmode status ' +
'statusbar statusbartext std step sticky store str strconv stretch strextract strictdate ' +
'strictdateentry string strtofile strtran structure stuff stuffc style subclass substr substrc ' +
'substring sum summary supportslistenertype suspend sylk sys sysformats sysmenu sysmenus sysmetric ' +
'system systemrefcount tab tabfixedheight tabfixedwidth tabhit tabindex table tableprompt tablerefresh tablerevert ' +
'tables tableupdate tablevalidate tabordering taborientation tabs tabstop tabstretch tabstyle tag tagcount ' +
'tagno talk tan target taskpane tedit terminateread text textbox textheight textmerge ' +
'textwidth themes then this thisform thisformset threadid throw time timeout timer ' +
'timestamp timestampdiff timestampfieldlist titlebar titles tmpfiles to tocursor toolbar toolbox tooltiptext ' +
'top topic topindex topitemid total toxml toxml tracking transaction transactions transform ' +
'trap trbetween trigger trim truncate try ttoc ttod ttoption twopassprocess txnlevel ' +
'txtwidth type typeahead typelibclsid typelibdesc typelibname ucase udfparms uienable unbindevent unbinds ' +
'undefine undocheckout undock unicode union unique unload unloadreport unlock unlockdatasource unnest ' +
'unpack up upclick updatable updatablefieldlist update updatecmd updatecmddatasource updatecmddatasourcetype updatecmdrefreshcmd updatecmdrefreshfieldlist ' +
'updatecmdrefreshkeyfieldlist updatecmdsource updatecmdsourcetype updated updatedatasource updategram updategramschemalocation updatename updatenamelist updatestatus updatetrigger ' +
'updatetype upper upsizing usa use usecodepage usecursorschema used usededatasource usememosize userid ' +
'users uservalue usetransactions utf8encoded val valid validate value valuedirty values var ' +
'varbinary varchar varcharmapping varread vartype verb version versioncomments versioncompany versioncopyright versiondescription ' +
'versionnumber versionproduct versiontrademarks vfpxmlprogid vga25 vga50 view viewportheight viewportleft viewporttop viewportwidth ' +
'views visible visualeffect volume vscrollsmallchange wait waittime wasactive wasopen wborder wchild ' +
'wcols wdockable week wexist wfont whatsthisbutton whatsthishelp whatsthishelpid whatsthismode when where ' +
'wheretype wherewheretype while width windcmd windhelp windmemo windmenu windmodify window windowlist ' +
'windowntilist windows windowstate windowtype windquery windscreen windsnip windstproc with wizardprompt wk1 ' +
'wk3 wks wlast wlcol wlrow wmaximum wminimum wontop wordwrap workarea woutput ' +
'wp wparent wr1 wrap wrapcharincdata wrapincdata wrapmemoincdata wread write writeexpression writemethod ' +
'wrk wrows wtitle wvisible xcmdfile xl5 xl8 xls xml xmladapter xmlconstraints ' +
'xmlfield xmlname xmlnameisxpath xmlnamespace xmlprefix xmlschemalocation xmltable xmltocursor xmltype xmlupdategram xsdfractiondigits ' +
'xsdmaxlength xsdtotaldigits xsdtype year yresolution zap zoom zoom window zoombox zorder zorderset ' +
'and not null or t f .and. .not. .null. .or. .t. .f.' +
'_activatehandler _activateidle _activatemenu _alen _alignment _alloca _allochand _allocmemo _asciicols _asciirows _assist ' +
'_beautify _box _breakpoint _browser _builder _calcmem _calcvalue _cliptext _codesense _converter _countitems ' +
'_coverage _curobj _datetimeformat _dbappend _dblclick _dblock _dbread _dbreccount _dbrecno _dbreplace _dbrewind ' +
'_dbseek _dbskip _dbstatus _dbunlock _dbunwind _dbwrite _deactivatehandler _deactivateidle _deactivatemenu _defaultprocess _dialog ' +
'_diarydate _disposeitem _disposemenu _dos _edactive _edclosefile _edcopy _edcut _eddelete _edgetchar _edgetenv ' +
'_edgetlinenum _edgetlinepos _edgetpos _edgetstr _edindent _edinsert _edlasterror _edopenfile _edpaste _edposinview _edredo ' +
'_edrevert _edsave _edscrolltopos _edscrolltosel _edselect _edsendkey _edsetenv _edsetpos _edskiplines _edundo _edundoon ' +
'_error _errorinfo _evaluate _execute _fchsize _fclose _fcopy _fcreate _feof _ferror _fflush ' +
'_fgets _findmemo _findvar _findwindow _findwindowp _fontclass _fopen _foxbaseclass _foxcode _foxdoc _foxdragdrop ' +
'_foxdroptarget _foxgraph _foxref _foxtask _fputs _fread _freehand _freeobject _fseek _fwrite _gallery ' +
'_gengraph _genhtml _genmenu _genpd _genscrn _genxtab _getapihandle _getexpr _gethandsize _getitemcmdkey _getitemid ' +
'_getitemsubmenu _getitemtext _getnewitemid _getnewmenuid _getnextevent _getobjectproperty _globaltolocal _globaltolocalp _handtoptr _helpwebdevonly _helpwebdirectory ' +
'_helpwebfiller1 _helpwebfiller2 _helpwebmsdnonline _helpwebmsfthomepage _helpwebsearch _helpwebtutorial _helpwebvfpfaq _helpwebvfpfreestuff _helpwebvfphomepage _helpwebvfponlinesupport _helpwebvfpsendfeedback ' +
'_helpwebvsprodnews _hlock _hunlock _include _incseek _indent _inkey _lmargin _load _mac _mac ' +
'_mbr_appnd _mbr_cpart _mbr_delet _mbr_font _mbr_goto _mbr_grid _mbr_link _mbr_mode _mbr_mvfld _mbr_mvprt _mbr_seek ' +
'_mbr_sp100 _mbr_sp200 _mbr_szfld _mbrowse _mda_appnd _mda_avg _mda_brow _mda_calc _mda_copy _mda_count _mda_label ' +
'_mda_pack _mda_reprt _mda_rindx _mda_setup _mda_sort _mda_sp100 _mda_sp200 _mda_sp300 _mda_sum _mda_total _mdata ' +
'_mdiary _med_beaut _med_bldex _med_clear _med_copy _med_cut _med_cvtst _med_exblk _med_find _med_finda _med_goto ' +
'_med_insob _med_link _med_obj _med_paste _med_pref _med_pstlk _med_redo _med_repl _med_repla _med_slcta _med_sp100 ' +
'_med_sp200 _med_sp300 _med_sp400 _med_sp500 _med_sp600 _med_undo _medit _memavail _memberdata _memcmp _memfill ' +
'_memmove _memochan _memosize _menudesigner _menuid _menuinteract _mfi_clall _mfi_close _mfi_export _mfi_import _mfi_new ' +
'_mfi_open _mfi_pgset _mfi_prevu _mfi_print _mfi_printonecopy _mfi_quit _mfi_revrt _mfi_savas _mfi_save _mfi_saveashtml _mfi_send ' +
'_mfi_setup _mfi_sp100 _mfi_sp200 _mfi_sp300 _mfi_sp400 _mfi_sysprint _mfile _mfiler _mfirst _mlabel _mlast ' +
'_mline _mmacro _mmacro _mmb_delet _mmb_gener _mmb_gopts _mmb_insbr _mmb_insrt _mmb_mopts _mmb_prevu _mmb_quick ' +
'_mmb_sp100 _mmb_sp200 _mmb_sp300 _mmbldr _mouseevents _mouseeventsnodbl _mousepos _mouseposp _mpr_beaut _mpr_cancl _mpr_compl ' +
'_mpr_do _mpr_docum _mpr_formwz _mpr_gener _mpr_graph _mpr_resum _mpr_sp100 _mpr_sp200 _mpr_sp300 _mpr_suspend _mprog ' +
'_mproj _mrc_appnd _mrc_chnge _mrc_cont _mrc_delet _mrc_goto _mrc_locat _mrc_recal _mrc_repl _mrc_seek _mrc_sp100 ' +
'_mrc_sp200 _mrecord _mreport _mrqbe _mscreen _msm_data _msm_edit _msm_file _msm_format _msm_prog _msm_recrd ' +
'_msm_systm _msm_text _msm_tools _msm_view _msm_windo _mst_about _mst_ascii _mst_calcu _mst_captr _mst_dbase _mst_diary ' +
'_mst_docum _mst_filer _mst_help _mst_hphow _mst_hpsch _mst_macro _mst_msdnc _mst_msdni _mst_msdns _mst_office _mst_puzzl ' +
'_mst_samp _mst_sp100 _mst_sp200 _mst_sp300 _mst_specl _mst_techs _msysmenu _msystem _mtable _mtb_appnd _mtb_cpart ' +
'_mtb_delet _mtb_delrc _mtb_goto _mtb_link _mtb_mvfld _mtb_mvprt _mtb_props _mtb_recal _mtb_sp100 _mtb_sp200 _mtb_sp300 ' +
'_mtb_sp400 _mtb_szfld _mti_callstack _mti_dbgout _mti_locals _mti_runactivedoc _mti_trace _mti_watch _mtl_browser _mtl_coverage _mtl_debugger ' +
'_mtl_gallery _mtl_macro _mtl_optns _mtl_sp100 _mtl_sp200 _mtl_sp300 _mtl_sp400 _mtl_spell _mtl_wzrds _mtools _mvi_toolb ' +
'_mview _mwi_arran _mwi_clear _mwi_cmd _mwi_color _mwi_debug _mwi_hide _mwi_hidea _mwi_min _mwi_move _mwi_rotat ' +
'_mwi_showa _mwi_size _mwi_sp100 _mwi_sp200 _mwi_toolb _mwi_trace _mwi_view _mwi_zoom _mwindow _mwizards _mwz_all ' +
'_mwz_applic _mwz_application _mwz_database _mwz_form _mwz_foxdoc _mwz_import _mwz_label _mwz_mail _mwz_pivot _mwz_query _mwz_reprt ' +
'_mwz_setup _mwz_table _mwz_upsizing _mwz_webpublishing _nametableindex _netware _newitem _newmenu _newvar _objectbrowser _objectcmp ' +
'_objectreference _objectrelease _olebasecontrol _oledragdrop _onselection _oracle _padvance _pageno _pagetotal _pbpage _pcolno ' +
'_pcopies _pdparms _pdriver _pdsetup _pecode _peject _pepage _pform _plength _plineno _ploffset ' +
'_ppitch _pquality _pretext _pscode _pspacing _putchr _putstr _putvalue _pwait _rectclass _release ' +
'_reportbuilder _reportoutput _reportpreview _retchar _retcurrency _retdatestr _retdatetimestr _retfloat _retint _retlogical _retval ' +
'_rmargin _runactivedoc _samples _scctext _screen _sethandsize _setitemcmdkey _setitemsubmenu _setitemtext _setmenupoint _setmenupointp ' +
'_setobjectproperty _shell _spellchk _sqlserver _startup _store _strcmp _strcpy _strlen _tabs _tally ' +
'_tasklist _taskpane _text _throttle _toolbox _tooltiptimeout _transport _triggerlevel _unix _usererror _vfp ' +
'_viewport _vsbuild _wattr _wbottom _wbottomp _wclear _wclearrect _wclearrectp _wclose _webdevonly _webmenu ' +
'_webmsfthomepage _webvfphomepage _webvfponlinesupport _wfindtitle _wgetcursor _wgetcursorp _wgetobjectclientwindow _wgetobjectwindow _wgetport _wheight _wheightp ' +
'_whide _whtohwnd _windows _wizard _wleft _wleftp _wmainwindow _wmove _wmovep _wontop _wopen ' +
'_wopenp _wposcursor _wposcursorp _wputchr _wputstr _wrap _wright _wrightp _wscroll _wscrollp _wselect ' +
'_wsendbehind _wsetattr _wsetport _wsettitle _wshow _wsize _wsizep _wtitle _wtop _wtopp _wwidth ' +
'_wwidthp _wzoom';

this.regexList = [
{ regex: /^\s*\*.*$/g, css: 'comments' }, // one line comments
{ regex: /&&.*$/g, css: 'comments' }, // inline comments
{ regex: SyntaxHighlighter.regexLib.doubleQuotedString, css: 'string' }, // strings
{ regex: SyntaxHighlighter.regexLib.singleQuotedString, css: 'string' }, // strings
{ regex: /^\s*#.*$/g, css: 'preprocessor' }, // preprocessor tags like #region and #endregion
{ regex: new RegExp(this.getKeywords(keywords), 'gi'), css: 'keyword' } // vb keyword

Brush.prototype = new SyntaxHighlighter.Highlighter();
Brush.aliases = ['foxpro'];

SyntaxHighlighter.brushes.Foxpro = Brush;

// CommonJS
typeof(exports) != 'undefined' ? exports.Brush = Brush : null;


  1. Can you please explain how to use this? I have a WordPress blog site where I have a SyntaxHighlighter plugin installed and it works fine for C# side, but I also have some FoxPro code in some of my posts that I would like to have colorized. I see that his is a JavaScript file, and I can FTP it to my web server, but I'm not sure how to for this code to run on a code block in one of my blog posts.

  2. Hi Matt,
    The instructions are posted on the SyntaxHighlighter website. It's pretty simple as you just include the javascript files and format the pre area.

    Here is the link to the instructions:

    If you have any more problems, let me know and I can try and help you.