Tuesday, February 24, 2009

EU to Strike Another Blow to the "Evil" Microsoft

This is in response to an article on DailyTech, DailyTech - EU to Require Microsoft to Offer Competitors' Browsers With Windows. I am sick of the EU pushing around Microsoft and making them lower the quality of their products in order to make things more "fair." Taking a good product and pulling it down to the lowest common denominator. Sure, you can hate Microsoft for the way it was in the 90's and a lot of people do. But they way they do business now days is totally legit. Don't take away features that are included in the Operating System just because there are competitors. I mean, come on, if there are better products or better price points people will use those products.

I see some correlation between this and the way the US is headed. Socialism. Woops, did I really say that. Now me, I grew up as a Liberal and now days I am more of a moderate. You know, I can see what people like about socialism, the lowest common denominator is taken care of and everyone lives a "happier life." But what about the person that wants to change their position in life? The person that grew up in the lower or lower-middle class and has dreams of being rich. That person wants to work hard and change their life. Well Socialism works against that and won't allow for the outliers. Sort of like a bell-curve on life.

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